Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

Wisdom Teeth – Do They Really Need to Come Out?

For some people, it seems like a dental rite of passage that their wisdom teeth will come out. While your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction during a general check-up, the procedure is not always necessary. In fact, extraction should generally only be done when a wisdom tooth has decayed beyond repair or if the tooth causes excessive pain and other symptoms.

On the other hand though, wisdom teeth that don’t cause any discomfort aren’t necessarily completely healthy. To determine whether you really need to remove your third molars, you’ll have to discuss the pros and cons of wisdom tooth removal surgery with the dentist and rely on X-rays to find out how your teeth are actually faring.

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Should You Opt for Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery?

Many people choose to undergo wisdom tooth extractions as a preventive measure. They believe that their teeth might decay over a period of time and cause them lots of oral problems. To avoid dealing with potential problems, they choose to have their wisdom teeth removed earlier than required. This is especially true for patients whose wisdom teeth are misaligned. Such patients can’t brush their wisdom teeth well because the brush doesn’t reach far back in the mouth. Since this could lead to bacterial build-up and a host of other issues, they choose to nip the problem in the bud.

If your wisdom teeth are likely to damage other teeth in your set, you’re better off having them removed. Moreover, if you’re at risk of developing cysts around your wisdom teeth, you might want to opt for the procedure. This will prevent cyst formation and resultant nerve damage. Lastly, if you’re suffering from painful inflamed gums, pus formation around the teeth, or deep cavities in your wisdom teeth, you may be a very good candidate for wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

Our Approach to Extractions

Blue Tooth Dental in Newtown, Sydney, ticks all the boxes when it comes to oral surgery. Our experienced dentists and staff strive to offer you nothing short of the best dental care in Newtown. We also give you limited time offers like unlimited x-rays at very low prices. So whether you want a dental check-up, a cosmetic procedure or a wisdom tooth extraction, you can count on us to deliver high-quality dental care without a big price tag. We also specialise in Children’s Dentistry dental health and we bulk bill for the child benefit dental scheme. So don’t hesitate to bring the young ones in when you need professional dental care in Newtown.

Many dentists refer you to an oral surgeon when you need to undergo wisdom tooth removal surgery. But if you want wisdom teeth removal in Newtown itself, you’ll be happy to know that we perform the surgery on-site through the experienced hands of Dr. Simon Briggs.

We also offer you a host of pain management techniques. We understand how unnerving it is for some patients to sit in the dentist’s chair. So we do our best to make you feel calm and composed while you undergo any form of treatment.

If you’re looking for dental fillings, crowns, dental implants or even wisdom teeth extraction, give us a call on 02 9519 2691 or visit us to make an online dentist appointment. We’ll guide you through the entire process, ensuring that every aspect is investigated and explained before considering a removal.

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