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Teeth Jewellery

Forget about perfectly white teeth, it’s all about teeth jewellery. The trend of adding a jewel to your tooth is on the rise, it’s the perfect way to highlight your teeth and make your smile stand out. It not only gives your smile the WOW factor, but it’s fun!

Choose from a range of gems and jewels whether it’s a small symbol or your star sign.

It’s important that you make sure your dentist completes the non-surgical procedure to ensure your teeth receive the best treatment. Your dentist will make sure the jewel is placed on the most appropriate teeth, as teeth jewellery cannot be placed on decayed or irregular teeth. We recommend having your teeth checked before you book your teeth jewellery appointment.

Teeth Jewellery Procedure

Why You Should Get Teeth Jewellery

It’s normal to care about your appearance, as more and more people are trying different ways to enhance their natural beauty. So why not try with teeth jewellery?

It’s Temporary

One of the advantages of teeth jewellery is that it’s 100% reversible. Since the jewels are applied with dental bonding materials, they are completely temporary and cause no damage to your teeth. So why not try it and have some fun. If you don’t like it, your dentist will easily have it removed pain-free, and if you love it, get more!

Boost Your Confidence

It’s quite common to be self-conscious about your smile. That’s why more and more people are opting for teeth jewellery to achieve desired results in their appearance. We often want to change what we don’t like, but adding a gem is the perfect way to not change but enhance your smile and make a fashion statement among others.

It’s Completely Safe

It’s extremely important that your dentist completes your teeth jewellery procedure. Your teeth must be well looked after and at Blue Tooth Dental we use only the safest materials to bond the jewel of your choice onto your tooth. Leaving you with a beautifully enhanced smile while the health of your teeth remains.

Get Your Teeth Jewellery Today!

If you’re considering adding a sparkle to your teeth make sure you take extensive aftercare. Once a jewel is placed on your tooth, this tooth becomes vulnerable to plaque build-up. We recommend taking extra care of your food habits, genetic history, and oral hygiene to ensure your jewel will last its time. It’s advised to have a regular check-up and clean to ensure your crystal is performing well.

Make your smile stand out and add a jewel today! Whether you want to add a crystal or your birthstone or just want to know the cost, contact Blue Tooth Dental on (02) 9519 2691 and we will assess your teeth to find the perfect gem for you. Book an appointment today.




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