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Midface Cosmetic and Postural Effects


In the last episode, we discussed midface underdevelopment and its adverse effects on the jaw.

Now we know how this seemingly small issue can affect face length, the  breathing process, spinal cord, and our movements.

We saw that this midface underdevelopment can cause headaches, joint problems, high blood pressure, crooked teeth, and problems with the wisdom teeth.

Today and in the next video, we are focusing on its cosmetic and postural effects.

If you analyze the lateral cephalometry of good-looking people who catch your eye, you will find that almost all of them have a very well-developed midface.

We should take into account that common doesn’t mean normal.

If 95% of people of a society die before the age of 50, it doesn’t mean that in that group it is normal to die young.

It’s not normal, it is just frequent and common.

Likewise when I say underdeveloped midface is very common in modern society, it doesn’t mean that it is normal and we should not prevent and treat it.

We shouldn’t ignore such a problem which can jeopardize our life.

We should know it is not due to our genetics or destiny, it is mostly due to our negligence, it is due to our lack of knowledge as well.

Bear in mind that at any age our midface can get close to its full potential size, the early intervention is always preferred.

Now, let’s return to our main topic to disclose the signs of midface underdevelopment on the face and the posture.

  • The first sign is the flat or concave face.

At the profile view, if we connect these three points; top of the nose, base of the nose, and the chin – it should be convex.

In other words, the nose base should be ahead of the line connecting the chin to the top of the nose.

In people with an underdeveloped midface it is very common to see this line flat, or even in more severe cases, concave.

As you see, this line is very important to have an attractive profile.

The next manifestation of this underdevelopment is forward head posture.

Again in profile view, the ear should be on a vertical line passes through the middle of the shoulder.

Our head weighs about 5 kg which is equal to a light bowling ball.

When you hold a heavy bag, you prefer to keep it along with your body, you never hold it in front or behind your body, because it is really tiring.

For the same reason, nature likes to keep this heavy ball perpendicular on top of the body.

Forward head posture is against what our body likes.

Why does this happen?

When we do CPR to save a life, we push the chin forward to open the airway.

When you bring your head forward you can breathe much easier.

Do this exercise right now.

Sit straight, pull your head back, and try to breathe deeply.

Now take your head forward and try again, much easier.

Therefore, when someone has a forward head, most likely there is a problem with their airway.

On one hand, the body likes the head on top of itself, and on the other hand the airway is collapsed.

In this situation, the body accepts the tiring abnormal head position because air is more important for its survival.

The next display is flat cheeks.

Normally the cheeks should be outstanding on the face.

If we draw an imaginary vertical line from the eye midpoint, in profile view it should be parallel to the nose borderline.

It is important in our beauty.

The next sign is the short tiny top lip.

As the top jaw has not come forward enough, some of the red area which was supposed to be on the face, is left behind inside the mouth.

Look at these two pictures, before and after midface development treatment.

Can you see the difference in lip textures, look at this borderline which shows the border between the old lip, the area has come out from inside.

Today, we studied how midface deficiency can result in a flat or concave face, forward head posture, flat cheeks, and a short upper lip.

In the next video I will present some more manifestations of the deficient midface.

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