Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

Your wisdom teeth are your last molars, generally developing by the time you turn 17. If your wisdom teeth don’t grow out well, you could be left with misaligned teeth, cysts around the gums, infection, neighbouring tooth damage and other related issues. If your dentist has recommended wisdom tooth removal because of one of these issues, you will have to learn more about extractions and post-operative care. Although it doesn’t take very long to remove the teeth, the recovery process [...]

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Wisdom Teeth – Do They Really Need to Come Out?

For some people, it seems like a dental rite of passage that their wisdom teeth will come out. While your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction during a general check-up, the procedure is not always necessary. In fact, extraction should generally only be done when a wisdom tooth has decayed beyond repair or if the tooth causes excessive pain and other symptoms. On the other hand though, wisdom teeth that don’t cause any discomfort aren’t necessarily completely healthy. To determine [...]

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Wisdom Tooth Removal – Will I Go Under?

Wisdom teeth are your third molars that appear by the time you turn 18. These teeth often come out at an angle or remain impacted in the gum, causing them to become infected and inflamed over a period of time. Signs of infection include pain, swelling, redness at the affected site and in some cases fever and swelling of the lymph nodes. Moreover, leaving impacted wisdom teeth in the lower jaw untreated and unchecked can lead to a very serious [...]

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Born Without Wisdom Teeth – Human Evolution?

Teeth may play an important role in our everyday lives, but they’re also important fossils that have helped researchers learn about our ancestors and evolution. A study which began in 2007 in Finland resulted in the creation of a new mathematical formula that can be used to trace human teeth development. Specifically, this formula can identify why some people are born without wisdom teeth. The same formula will be used by researchers to determine how developmental mechanisms function in [...]

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Wisdom Tooth Pain

At any age, teething is painful, but wisdom tooth pain can be especially uncomfortable. Unlike regular teething, the pain associated with wisdom teeth coming through can be caused by a range of problems within the tooth or your jawbone. That’s why it’s important to understand why your wisdom teeth are causing you pain and also why it’s essential to your health to have treatment for wisdom tooth pain. Why am I in pain? Often when wisdom teeth come through, they cause [...]