Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Sydney


There are several reasons why your tooth may become irritated and inflamed; deep decay, big fillings, trauma to the tooth, a chipped tooth or even repeated dental work can all take tolls on your dental health. The nerves inside the tooth pulp can die, the tooth dentin and enamel may no longer receive nutrients and moisture. The inflamed tissue surrounding the tooth causes an acute toothache and infection can damage the bones around the teeth. Root Canal Therapy is performed to treat problems related to the soft inner pulp of a tooth. If the damaged pulp is not treated, bacterial infection and inflammation can loosen the tooth and it may have to be removed. Therefore, root canal therapy is necessary to preserve the tooth and also protect the jawbone and ensure your ongoing dental health.



The entire procedure takes place over 2-4 visits where we ensure the root canal is thoroughly cleaned so as to ensure no debris is left behind. Your Blue Tooth Dentist will then seal off the area, preventing any bacteria from entering the cavity. After your Root Canal Treatment is complete, your dentist will prepare the tooth for final restoration. In the majority of cases, we will recommend a dental crown which will allow the fully restored function of the tooth.


We know that the thought of a Root Canal can be scary, so please call our friendly team on 02 9519 2691 to discuss your individual requirements or to book a consultation at our Enmore practice. We look forward to hearing from you.